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42 года (родился 03 мая 1976), мужчина
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CEO / Chef of department

По договорённости, полная занятость

Опыт работы 11 лет и 5 месяцев

    • август 2009 – май 2013
    • 3 года и 10 месяцев

    Head of Commercial Department

    "LUKOIL Serbija" a.d.


    - Organization of sales department. - Cooperation with supplyers of additional assortment at petrol stations. - Contact with local and state authorities. - Training of personnel. - Development of CODO conditions and contracts and petrol stations transition from COCO to CODO. - Monitoring the execution of contracts. - Development of concept for single supplier for additional assortment at gas stations network. - Development and execution of by-laws. - Development of standards and organization of catering at gas stations. - Development and implementations of additional services. - Development an implementation of quality standard for client service. - Implementation of HACCP standard. - Providing consultations for petrol stations transition to CODO to Lukoil Montenegro. - Monitoring compliance with the terms of use "Set of exclusive rights" in accordance with the franchise agreements entered into by the Company. - Preparation of measures to bring the company's facilities in compliance with the requirements and conditions of franchise agreements entered into by the Company. - Organization and implementation of the system of cashless payments. - Coordination, monitoring and control of the supply and sale of goods additional range at gas stations. - Realization of sales plans through retail network of 140 gas stations. - Control of realization of franchise agreements (Franchise). - Organization and implementation of cashless payment system at gas stations. - Development of plans for sales and turnover of goods and development of the additional range of service. - Preparation of monthly payments plans for goods and services in accordance with existing agreements. - Development of set of measures in order to increase the sales of goods which would help achieving targets. - Marketing research, market analysis and competition in sales of goods of additional assortment. - Formation of additional product range assortment (5000 items) and services. - Category management. - Formation of retail prices of additional assortment. - Implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy. - Formation of the forecast sales through retail. - Education staff. - Analysis and control of commercial expenses. - Settlement of disputes and conflicts at all levels. - Working with key customers. - Commissioning of new gas stations. - Development of project standard design gas station. - Study and analysis of the legislation in the sphere of trade, labor, taxation, customs, transportation, quality standards and approval of petroleum products in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, the Russian Federation, the European Union.
    • январь 2009 – август 2009
    • 8 месяцев

    Head of the department of commercial accounting

    "LUKOIL Beopetrol" a.d.


    - Organization of commodity accounting department (30 people). - Development and implementation of internal guidelines for admission, transportation and storage of petroleum products. - Preparation of reports about traffic accounting of oil and oil products for import, processing, supply and sales.
    • январь 2008 – январь 2009
    • 1 год и 1 месяц

    Specialist in department for control of quality and quantity of petroleum products

    "LUKOIL Beopetrol" a.d.


    - Organization of the security services. - Analysis and control of contracts verified by the Company. - Continuous monitoring of imports of diesel fuel, analysis of emerging risks at all stages of supply of fuel, development and adoption of measures to prevent losses. - Organization of joint operations to prevent loss of oil transportation by river and rail - Study and analysis of the law of Serbia, Russia and the EU in the field of metrology, energy, finance, trade and customs. - Study and analysis of standards and methods of Serbia, Russia and the EU in the area of determining the quality and quantity of petroleum products.
    • июль 2005 – январь 2008
    • 2 года и 7 месяцев

    Head of commercial department of a construction company

    "Inconex-com" Serbia


    - Analysis of the legislation of Serbia in the field of construction. - Analysis and control of contracts verified by the Company. - Market research, organization of tenders, contracts and ongoing support for execution of contracts with developers and construction companies. - Analysis of the market of manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and special equipment from Serbia, the Balkans and Europe. - Purchases of materials and equipment. - Organization of tenders. - Export - import operations and logistics. - As an employee of Commercial Department, I took part in construction of 73 gas stations of "Lukoil" company in the Republic of Serbia. - Coordinating the work of the departments of commercial companies in Macedonia and Montenegro.
    • январь 2002 – июль 2005
    • 3 года и 7 месяцев

    Executive manager

    Network Internet cafe "Unreal" (


    - Coordination and control of all parts of the firm. - Personnel management. - Development and implementation of new projects. - Working with local authorities.


    • Высшее образование
    • Заочная
    • 2014

    International Independent University of Moldova

    Факультет: Economist
    Специальность: Business and Management
    • Высшее образование
    • Очно-заочная
    • 2010

    International Independent University of Moldova

    Факультет: Law
    Специальность: Internacional Civil Law

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Responsible, executive, decision-making, communicative, identifying priorities, analytical mind. Advanced user of PC, MS Office, skills in SAP and AutoCAD. Driving license category B.

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